Asayo Yamamoto
山本 麻世

I am a temporary resident in a world where situations are constantly changing. It is a system in which everything affects everything. There is nothing that would be isolated or apart from this system. I am looking for my way to behave in it and I am questioning what my way to be part of it is. There are relationships and connections between all things no matter if they are living organs or lifeless objects. I see these relationships as a primitive and fundamental pattern which is repeated endlessly.

One of the ways I visualize this pattern in my artwork is by crossing a hard and soft material in a very simple and childlike way.
Relationship between hard and soft can be found everywhere, for example in nature where air current is slowly changing a shape of a mountain.

I create new relationships by adding my artwork to an existing landscape. I look for new connections in most common places of our everyday life, both inside and outside.

私は幼いころにやっていたような単純な作業をすることによりその場で切掛けを探し原始的な模様を作り、媒介物として存在させる。 この作業によりできたものをその場に少しの間定着させる事によって既にある風景を新しい繋がりの風景へと変化させる。そして、また、しばらくして、どこかで違う繋がりを見つけ出す。